The Best Paris Croissants

Picture 67

One of the great pleasures of returning to France on an overnight flight from North America or Asia is arriving in the world’s most beautiful city as it wakes.

The best place to enjoy it – to my mind – is on rue Montorgueil, the pedestrian street running past our apartment.

I stop first at Stohrer, a boulangerie that was once official baker to Louis XV. (A favorite of the queen, Nicolas Stohrer is credited with inventing the baba au rhum, a delicious dessert for which he must be praised.)

But the real reason to visit Stohrer in the morning is their delicious croissant: Glazed, crumbly, crisp on the outside, but soft in the middle – and no doubt highly unhealthy.

I often take the croissant up the street to the Café des Petits Carreaux for a large café au lait to sip as I take a seat by the bar to glance at the tabloid Le Parisien for the latest crime stories while watching the pedestrians pass by.

Can any croissant in Paris beat that?

(Photos courtesy RobOppy’s Photostream of croissants)


One response to “The Best Paris Croissants

  1. Funny, I used to live in Houston at some point and I had the same routine every time I was flying back…

    This area is one of my favourite places in Paris. Have not tried croissants at Stohrer for a while now (I live close to St Sulpice) but will try – it’s become a real adventure to find a good croissant these days.

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