Creating CNN for under $20

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In the modern media age, can you create CNN for less than $20?

My idea is to use my Mac to create a personal TV channel where I can post video interviews done in person on my own (free) YouTube channel.

In order to conduct remote interviews, I want to record Skype video chats.

The Skype chats are the tough part, but – if solved – I have a broadcasting potential as big as the Internet itself.

Some useful programs I found for doing “on-air interviews”:

CamTwist – A fun program that allows you to add special effects to a Skype video chat. There are a wide range of effects including a CNN-like crawl along the bottom of the screen, a thought bubble, a snowstorm or halo over the head. Price: Free.

Ubercaster – A program that give you a complete editing suite for podcasts. Really impressive looking, but too expensive for my channel’s budget! Price: $79.

IShowU – Allows you to record a Skype video call off the screen. Price: $20.

Snapz Pro X – Allows recording of video off your screen. They have a 15 day trial period, so I will check that out. Price: $69.

Ecamm – Designed as a plug-in for Skype, it records Skype video calls. They have a 7-day trial. Price: $14.95.

I am not sure which of the three video grab programs are best, so will try both and post the results!

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