A faithful MacBook goes under the laser

Having left journalism last week, I am now getting a taste of entrepreneurial experiences by helping Phuong Tran, my brother-in-law, launch his first start-up.

Phuong, a 23-year old commerce school student, is obsessed with lasers and now wants to turn the technology into a self-made summer job.

The faith I have in the project was shown by my willingness to put my faithful MacBook under his laser’s beam.

My contribution is to bring a journalist’s skills – asking questions – to help him shape the company. We will interview on video and post various experts on small businesses giving their ideas on how Phuong should best proceed. With some luck (and hard work) the venture will succeed commercially and journalistically.

We hope people in France – a country not known for start-ups – will enjoy seeing an idea move into execution!

Disclosure: Unlike any other story I have written, I have a monetary interest in the company, having helped Phuong finance this summer project. (He starts commerce school in Reims – the Champagne city – this September)

The website for Tagmypod is up (though fairly basic) and below is our first video (in French). Comments and input are very welcome!


2 responses to “A faithful MacBook goes under the laser

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  2. That laser rocks !
    Thomas / Phuong I have just 3 questions to help shaping this:

    1 I want to tag my laptop, what’s the procedure ? (Shipping / estimated times etc )

    2 What is the estimated cost ?

    3 In what format I have to send my design ?

    I don’t know maybe this questions are no good at this moment, in that case just drop it.

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