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Libération 2.0

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Journalists from the troubled French daily newspaper LibĂ©ration are finding life after print. (At the IHT we have chronicled the iconic newspaper’s problems numerous times.)

Pierre Haski, a longtime and respected Beijing correspondent for Liberation, last week launched a news site called Rue89 and has already gained traction with a scoop about French first lady Cecilia Sarkozy not voting for her husband.

According to Rue89, the original story scheduled for publication in the Journal du Dimanche was suppressed by the owner, a friend of Sarkozy.

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Meeting Steve Jobs and Freedom vs Simplicity

Steve Jobs turned up in London last week for EMI’s announcement that they were breaking ranks with the other record labels to drop DRM copy protections on music.

The press conference and informal chat afterwards was my first encounter with Jobs, who turned out to be less Californian than I imagined: More active and sharper tongued than expected.

By far the most memorable thing he described was Apple’s balancing of products between simplicity and freedom.

If you give the consumers too much freedom, they are overwhelmed by choice and confusion. If you limit their freedom by too much simplicity, they feel constricted, Jobs said.

You can see the use of design to bring simplicity in so many of their products. The trick is selecting the right places to restrict consumer options.

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Samuel Morse + Carl Jung = Twittervision

I don’t understand the desire to microblog daily activities through Twitter, but I do love watching Twittervision, a mashup of a Google map and the latest comments off Twitter from around the world.

You can easily imagine a system that allows narrowing down to interest groups (neighbors or fellow players of an online game), but the concept is sort of like People magazine (for the unfamous) meets Web 2.0.

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